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SPIRIT HERBS are a UNIQUE BLENDS OF ORGANIC HERBS, FLOWER ESSENCES, and GEM ELIXIRS that I formulate and create to support your personal growth and spiritual enlightenment CHAKRA HERBS (earth connection, heart expansion, communication, meditation...), AURA HERBS (balance, grounding, strengthening your light...), MANIFESTATION HERBS (for conscious creation and the upper chakras...) Organic Herbals. Safe for Pets, too. Call or text 208-883-9933 for a FREE BROCHURE.

Balance your chakras easily with Herbs. Join in the 21 day Conscious Connection with Chakra Herbal Elixirs. Learn more about your chakras.

Schedule a HOLISTIC CONSULTATION at my Moscow Idaho office or long distance over the phone. Each session is fine tuned to meet your unique needs. Bringing you more than 30 years of experience teaching and consulting in the following areas:

Holistic Nutrition: specializing in foods as medicine and creating customized herbal teas or tinctures to enhance your vitality. Muscle testing and pendulum assessments for supplement, nutritional program, and herb clarification.

Animal Reiki and Animal Communication sessions available to enhance your connection to your pets and understand behavioral and health issues.

UPCOMING CLASSES:Reiki I and Animal Reiki JUNE 7&8, 2014 in Moscow Idaho. Reserve your spot today. After completing Reiki I you are eligible for Reiki II and Animal Reiki JULY 19 & 20, 2014.

Learn to activate your natural healing and intuitiove abilites for hte health of yourself, your family, your animal companions, and hte world.