Introduction to the Chakras

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Your chakras can be seen as filters or bridges between universal life force energy and your body. They work as transformers modulating your experiences, the reactions you have to what happens to you, and the stories, emotions, and thoughts that you hold on to. Other people’s thoughts, feelings, and projections can get stuck in your chakras and cloud your connection to your higher self and own truth. Beliefs picked up from families, social groups, as well as imprints carried over from previous lives affects your spiritual healing centers (chakras). Being aware of your chakras and the programming in your energy field is a form of self-diagnosis.

Chakras open and close like flowers depending on the emotions and thoughts stored in them. Getting in touch with your chakras helps you to learn what is true for you and your soul this lifetime. As you progress through soul development different chakra lessons will emerge. Being aware of and responsible for the information in your chakras cleanses them, and helps you to take charge of your physical body from a holistic perspective. Working with your chakras and energy field is a form of preventative medicine that works with your emotions and thoughts preventing negative ones from manifesting into a physical health challenge.

During times of pain, especially unacknowledged, the soul can project or dissociate into the past or future. Calling back your spirit, and processing experiences that were too painful to deal with previously, heals your physical body on a cellular level, and strengthens your energy body as a temple of light. Enhancing the mind-body connection helps you to process the past, learn your lessons, and integrate higher consciousness for a stronger connection to the present moment. When you live in the power of now you can heal from the past and plan for the future. The benefit of being a conscious human is that you get to exercise your personal will and power of choice in alignment with your divine plan on earth now.

Enlightenment = fully being yourself and manifesting your own vibration.

Through chakra meditation exercises you will learn the Hawaiian Huna principles of:

1. Energy flows where attention goes

2. Now is the moment of power

3. The world is what you think it is

4. There are no limits

5. To love is to be happy with

6. Effectiveness is the measure of truth

7. All power comes from within

Chakra Basics

What are the chakras?

They are energy centers like spinning vortexes in your body. The chakras process vibrations between the environment and outer world and your physical body and soul. When functioning properly they ideally transmit love, peace, harmony, and high spiritual information to you. Repressed emotions, other people thoughts, limited beliefs, etc, can clog your chakras blocking the flow of positive healing energy. When this flow is blocked, it can lead to physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual illness. Healing sounds, foods, colors, stones and purposeful actions can restore balance to your chakras and vitality to your aura. See the Chakra Remedy Chart.

What does a chakra look like?

From a side view, they look like a spiraling vortex wider at the front and back of the body, narrowing along the spine then expanding out again in the back of the aura about 3’ away from the physical body. In classes I use the image of a slinky stretched out to imitate the spiraling flowing activity of the chakras. Ideally chakra energy flows easily into the layers of your aura, through the physical body, and out the back of your aura. From a front view the way they look varies depending upon the health of the chakra, anywhere from a 4” circle to irregular distorted shapes. You can feel the spinning energy of the chakra by placing your hand a few inches in front or back of each chakra.

How many chakras do I have?

While there are many, even hundreds of chakras in the body, we will focus on the main 7 chakras up the spine of the body, along with hand and foot chakras for psychic development.

Where is the first chakra?

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine. The chakras are located up the body and correspond to the endocrine glands. See the chakra chart on page # for more details.

Where are the Hand Chakras?

In the center of the palms of your hands. You are born with these healing energy centers to share love and healing with yourself and others. You can activate them to manifest creativity and abundance. They become blocked when you feel over responsible for other people or are engaged in work or behavior that does not serve your soul.

What are the Foot Chakras?

Each foot has a chakra in the center of the foot, also know as the solar plexus of the foot, that opens to the healing powers of nature and earth energy. They are designed to help us to be connected to our earthly experience. They can become blocked if we are disassociated from the physical body due to pain or being in abusive situations, or around environmental toxins. Being around an emotionally or mentally toxicity at home, work, or school can also block the foot chakras disconnecting us from our truth and the nurturing powers of the mother earth.

How do I know what chakra I need to work on?

The first step is to notice where you are holding stress or tension in your body. If you do not know where you hold stress or how you are feeling, beginning with the first or base chakra will ground you and can help you to connect to your feelings in your body. You can also build compassion for yourself and your lack of feeling by focusing on your heart chakra. You could also make the decision from an intellectual perspective and look at the chakra issues chart.


How does the color I wear affect the chakras?

Wearing a color associated with a chakra that you working with brings that vibration to your energy field. This is a way consciously process issues of that part of the body. This helps you balance that chakra and magnetize opportunities to learn and grow from.

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